Creating change

Our Accomplishments

In its final year, SUGAR TAF has been gathering and documenting stories of emerging change that have come about, in whole or in part, due to SUGAR TAF’s activities.


These stories were gathered primarily through an outcome harvesting exercise in which key personnel in counterpart institutions were interviewed about their experiences with SUGAR TAF and asked to share the most significant changes that they had seen resulting from SUGAR TAF’s intervention. These stories have often been quite dramatic, with interviewees being able to draw clear causal linkages between SUGAR TAF’s engagement and the results. SUGAR TAF’s engagement with counterparts has resulted in: new units and departments dedicated to functions that promise to strengthen the fight against corruption, new work cultures and processes being adopted, and a much clearer shared understanding on seeing the anti-corruption chain as a whole, and on the critical importance of asset recovery. SUGAR TAF has done particularly well when it has engaged with institutions with strong leadership which was already seeking tools for change and improvement. It has identified and supported champions within anti-corruption institutions, who have often been promoted or gone on to more ambitious roles, in part because of the support and mentoring they received from SUGAR TAF.


One of the strengths of SUGAR TAF that shines clearly from these interviews is that it has been responsive and so its support has been appropriate and well-timed. This is something that counterparts have greatly appreciated. It has also allowed SUGAR TAF’s support to be opportunistic: seeking points of entry and leverage where they exist and building upon them. This has meant that, despite the daunting challenges of anti-corruption work in Uganda, SUGAR TAF has made a powerful impression. 


These stories show that SUGAR TAF has truly lived up to its name, strengthening Uganda’s anti-corruption response through intelligent and response technical assistance.


The story-gathering will continue throughout SUGAR TAF’s last year, so check back regularly to find updated stories.

SUGAR TAF Change Stories

  1. JSC Investigations get teeth

  2. Dedicated Research unit supports the Anti-Corruption Division of the High Court

  3. From complaints to compliments: Mbale hospital’s C&C desk

  4. Anti-corruption officials gain skills to combat money laundering and recover assets

  5. Directorate of Special Investigations established to expedite investigations of high profile cases

  6. Team-building improves performance at the IG

  7. IG’s automated case management system improves expeditious handling of cases

  8. Investigators and prosecutors collaborate on high profile cases

  9. Strengthening asset recovery at the Inspectorate of Government

  10. ODPP works with public officials to implement process for removing convicted public officials from office

  11. Uganda’s judiciary champions the critical importance of asset recovery

  12. Judicial Service Commission launches complaints management system to improve handling of complaints

  13. The Public Service Commission shifts from manual to web-based case handling

  14. The Inspectorate of Government adopts prosecution-guided investigations

  15. Convicted public officials are removed from the payroll

  16. SUGAR-TAF engages civil society on removal of public officials convicted of corruption from public service

  17. Uganda's anti-corruption Institutions agree on principles for the Proceeds of Crime Bill

  18. The Anti-Corruption Court stays ahead of sophisticated criminals

  19. IG improves institutional effectiveness with SUGAR TAF's support

  20. The FIA sets roots and reaches high

  21. Uganda becomes a member of the Egmont Group

  22. Strengthening prosecution of corruption at the ODPP

  23. ODPP strengthens its use of the existing legal regime for asset recovery

  24. Appeals court addresses backlog of corruption cases by conducting dedicated sessions

  25. Uganda’s national risk assessment improves Uganda’s capacity to counter money-laundering

Kampala, Uganda